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directx10 font help?

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fontDesc.Height = 24; fontDesc.Width = 0; fontDesc.Weight = 0; fontDesc.MipLevels = 1; fontDesc.Italic = false; fontDesc.CharSet = DEFAULT_CHARSET; fontDesc.OutputPrecision = OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS; fontDesc.Quality = DEFAULT_QUALITY; fontDesc.PitchAndFamily = DEFAULT_PITCH | FF_DONTCARE; wcscpy(fontDesc.FaceName, L "New Roman");


this is what is normall used , but im using Multi- byte , not uni code , because of the base program i have , so i take out the L from wcscpy , but i get an error
error C2664: 'wcscpy' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CHAR [32]' to 'wchar_t *'
is there another way to put the information into FaceName??

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