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XNA model manipulation for DSM

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Hy there,
I am helping a friend with a project. He needs to apply the DSM to a 3D model to calculate deformation and movement. He doesn't know pretty much any programming so I offered to help, I worked with OpenGL a while a go and I figured I could help him on such short notice. The problem is his project is in XNA(first time I worked with it) and by now I found that the vertices are stored in the VertexBuffer in each mesh part, now the problem is how do I access each vertex and index coordinate and manipulate it, where do I see the draw method so that I can define a object graph of points and the lines connecting them so that I can use the DSM.
Does anyone know a open source DSM library and mesh tool to define a solid volume (add points inside the object) with a certain resolution(number of points to add inside are given as a parameter).

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