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initalize struct with new operator?

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shoez    104
im a little confused on how to initialize a struct once i allocate it on the heap using the new operator...for example how do this

*SMonster firstMonster = new SMonster { "Michael", 100, 5, .25, "Revolver", .50, 20, 5 }; <---- i want to allocate 1 struct call of SMonster and initialize it with the values in the brackets once made

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Aardvajk    13207
Or wrap it in a function:

[source lang="c"]
Monster *MakeMonster(const char *name,int legs,float size)
Monster *m=(Monster*)malloc(sizeof(Monster));


return m;

void f()
Monster *m=MakeMonster("Paul",8,2.0f);

// blah


That's about the closest you can get to a constructor for a struct in C.

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