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Off-screen multiple render targets using Frame Buffer Object (FBO) or ?

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[b]Situation:[/b] Generating N samples of a shape and corresponding edges (using Sobel filter or my own) with different transformations and rotations, while viewport (size=600*600) and camera remain constants. i.e. there will be N samples + N corresponding edges.

[b]I am thinking to do like this,[/b]

Use One FBO with 2 renderbuffers [i.e. size of each buffer will be= (N *600) * 600]- 1st for N shapes and 2nd for edges of the corresponding shapes


[list=1][*]Which is the best way to achieve above things?[*]Though viewport size is 600*600pixels but shape will only occupy around 50*50pixels. So is there any efficient way to apply edge detection on bounding box/AABB region only on 2nd buffer? Also only reading 2N bounding box (N sample + N corresponding edges) in efficient way?[/list]

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