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Need feedback - UI System

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Hey folks,

As some of you know, a while back I set out to create a UI system for games. Something that's simple, very cross-platform, and lets you create animated UIs. You know, things that'll slide in/out, fading, popping, all that good stuff. After a couple years worth of dev, and a few shipped games (yay!), I built OtterUI ([url=""][/url]) :)

With all that said, since it's really just me building the whole thing out, I've developed a certain "blindness" the entire package. So what I might find useful others don't, or vice versa. So, I [i]really [/i]need honest feedback :) Good, bad, ugly, you know the drill. Though, I'm really more interested the latter two :P Even if it's nitpicky or major overhaul-type things.

So if you're so inclined, please grab the latest version of OtterUI from the site, play around with it, and [i]please[/i] let me know your thoughts.

Thank ya :)


PS: Mods, please let me know if this isn't the right place for this topic -- I wasn't 100% sure where to start it.

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