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About publishing iphone apps on Appstore

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Hi all,

I wonder about the process :

1. I think the first step is being a developer , so for this , could you register as a company instead of an individual programmer ,
and what would the differences be ?

2. What kind of information do you need to supply during submitting ? And when submitting your game for approval and to be published on Apple Appstore ,

are you able to choose category for your game or is it all up to Apple to choose a category and rating ?

3. Regarding approval process , approximately how long would it take ?

4. Do you know what they are looking for in the submitted games to approve ? Is there any guideline for this ?

5.If your game is rejected , and if you update your game based on the feedback given by Apple , would it take less time to get approval on 2nd try ?

thanks in advance

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2. You choose 3 categories, and give it a rating, although apple may change the rating if youre innaccurate, not sure
3. 3-8 weeks for me
4. Not really, and it depends on who reviews it. Some people are more lenient than others
5. Not in my experience

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1. Check Apple's developer site for the latest on this. ( The older book I have suggests that, while registering as an individual is easier (less information to provide), registering as a company has its advantages: your company name appears in the App Store instead of your own name, and you can add team members. Again, my info is old, so it's worth checking Apple's site for the latest on this.

2. Category ("Game" in your case) and up to two subcategories (arcade, action, etc.). You rate it yourself for things like cartoon or realistic violence, sex, etc., though as zacaj said I think Apple can change this if they disagree with your rating.

3. Seven business days for my first game, five for my second. I think two weeks is the general expectation for turnaround.

4. As zacaj said, it's sort of vague, but it sounds like Apple will work with you. Smuggle Truck and Unpleasant Horse were initially rejected, but the developers made changes (Smuggle Truck is now called Snuggle Truck and features stuffed animals) that Apple deemed acceptable, and now they're both in the App Store.

5. Not sure.

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