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Creating an Animation

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Hello, I started this topic because I am searching some people to help me with an animation with like 20 - 30 episodes.
A small animation, for children like 8 - 12 years old, I think. Something like "Pokemon", children love Pokemon.


[/u][/b]Pokemon is the best example for this animation because I want to make a world where you can catch monsters, and put them in a pocket or something. I need a team with 4-5 members for background, graphic, object and a writer.
It's not a big work to do, just to make it good, and then UPLOAD IT.
I can find a costumer that can get our animation and insert it in his website. And then with who wants to remain, I will make a new one, until we are gonna sell one of them :))
Ok, thank you!
[u][b]Contact Details:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Reply to this topic[*]Messenger id:[*]PM to my profile[/list][b]Thank you for all!

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