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How many different ways of doing smoke and fluids have you encountered?

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[b]Smoke and Fluids

So I'm thinking about doing something around this area for my 3rd year CS project, but most of my experience with 3D graphics comes from messing about with rendering engines like Ogre and Java3D in an amateurish sort of way, and often for things other than games. Can anyone recommend some good books and articles on the subject for me to read over the summer?

I'm especially interested in information about anything that's a bit novel or unusual.
Also, is a lot of the smoke in games today still essentially a load of billboards floating about or is it all volumetric now.. or a combination of the two?


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only in very rare cases u can see real volumetric smoke(i.e. Stalker: Clear Sky) in games. Billboards are still the industry standart, but this technic has evolved of course a bit. Ther is a lot u can do with 2D particels. A lot of volumetric effect scan be achieved with some special way of lighting(take a look at Brütal Legend GDC 2010 for example). For Fluids the way to go seems to be interacting point spirits. see: [url=""][/url]

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