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Which pool to use with CreateOffscreenPlainSurface?

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Just turned the DirectX Debug output thing on and it's telling me that D3DPOOL_MANAGED isn't allowed for LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9::CreateOffscreenPlainSurface. I had a look at [url=""]this[/url] on MSDN and it says to use SCRATCH or DEFAULT although the DX debug says SYSTEMMEM is fine also.

I've been using MANAGED this whole time and haven't had a problem with it but I suppose I'd better change it if DX is telling me to.

Anyway, which one do you think I should use? I've tried SCRATCH and SYSTEMMEM and they both work fine with the code I have, using DEFAULT causes errors when the device is lost (switching to full screen, locking the computer etc.) so I'd rather not have to use that because it means having to recreate all the textures ect.
So should I use SCRATCH or SYSTEMMEM? I've read up on both and don't really understand the difference, neither seem to have a difference when used.

Thanks, Mal [img][/img]

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