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[max sdk]: getCameraMatrix never returns?!

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Matrix3 *invTM2;
float mat2[4][4];
int *persp2;
float *hither2;
float *yon2;

Interface *ip2 = GetCOREInterface();
ViewExp *pView2 = ip2->GetActiveViewport();
GraphicsWindow *gw2 = pView2->getGW();

gw2->getCameraMatrix( mat2, invTM2, persp2, hither2, yon2 ); // never returns
With max 2011 sdk,
I didn't understand why the method getCameraMatrix never returned. I've cross-checked my code, i've never created the variable twice. I had everything setup correctly in max including "enabling" the relevant viewport. But still, it never came back at that point.... Anyone got further ideas why this would happen?
What I currently know about is that getCameraMatrix is pure virtual, but i don't see any necessities to override that method cos max has implemented it

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