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shaders an front/back face

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I wish create a shader solution for a sketchup importer with front/back material.
I have five possible shaders :
1)double texture
2)single texture(can be front face texture or back face texture)
3)single texture and color (can be front face texture or back face texture and a color face)
4)single color(can be front face color or back face color)
5)two colors

now, i think to create a hybrid method: in the shader i have developed a solution for establish if
the current pixel of the face is back or front(in the pixel shader) , and i wish send via constant buffers the two possible color .
Is a good solution send always two float4 that are frontColor and backColor and if the front or back color is 0. establish the face front/back otherwise if there are two color or none color i'm in the double texture or double color case?
What is the command for test if a float4 is 0. 0. 0. 0.?


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