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Custom Windows GUI

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Hi there,

Over the past few months, I've been planning a project to undertake, which I realise I need desperate help from guys who are used to game development; hence I come to you.

My goal is to build only the custom interface to my PC. I'm sure you've all seen Iron Man etc, and I'm well aware there are so many people who want to make a J.A.R.V.I.S. clone etc, but while it would be fun to do so, that is a huge undertaking, and nowhere near where my project is currently heading.

I want to develop an interface similar to what Tony Stark used. No AI or anything like that. Once the interface is done, I can focus on adding functionality. A nice futuristic display integrating lots of information and commands. My challenges are this :
  • My skillset. Years ago (+ - 5 ) I developed in C++ and DirectX. However, with .NET becoming a major player in business application development, I had to follow this route, hence my experience over the list 5 years is bsaically just C#.NET. I however did develop in C++, so I do have the knowledge and skills, albeit a bit rusty.
  • My requirements. Due to my job, I require using Windows as many of my programs required for my job require the Windows OS. So my custom interface would need to run over the Windows OS. Ideally, any application called should then run within my custom Interface. Not sure if its possible or ever been done to override the windows frames etc with that of m own (kinda like a theme?). Also, long term, the interface should run on my phone, car and home.
    I need advise as to how best approach this project.
    1. What language would be best to develop something like this in? C# would be easiest for me, but would it be the most practical?
    2. How would I develop the graphical side of it? For example, I thought of a permanent performance monitor running on the corner of the screen. However, this would not be a simple line graph, but an animated spinning circular display with multiple layers. To me, this should like something which would need to be developed using DirectX or similar? Or are there other ways to do it. Should the interface lie on top of Windows, or completely replace it? Bearing in mind, ideally, I will have multiple monitors (Probably 3) connected to the PC, and all of them will need to be used for the GUI.

    Come on guys. How would you go about this?

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