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[XNA] How to run through ever pixel in an image?

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MintyAnt    102

After looking into some image manipulation with xna, i've come out slightley confused.

One task I was wanting to do would involve running through all the pixels in a given image, and checking each ones color.

After my searching, I feel that I would be somehow using both Texture2D.GetData and some kind of PixelGrabber (The examples I saw for pixel grabbers were in java)

However, the programs that grabbed pixels appeared to shove the whole images pixels into a 1 dimensional array.

If that were the case, how would they go about reconstructing the image if they wanted, or knowing which pixel they were currentley viewing? Isn't it all basically on one line now?

How do I go about getting the pixels? And how does this process work?



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Flimflam    665
Having a single-dimensional array doesn't mean it's all "on one line". You just wrap the lines around again, depending on a value of your choosing. When it comes to things like rectangular image data, the number to wrap on is the width of the image.

You access specific pixels from a one-dimensional array using the following algorithm:

[font="Courier New"]pixel = texturedata [ x * texture_width + y ];
texturedata [ x * texture_width + y ] = newpixel;[/font]

Use Texture2D.GetData() to get the array of pixels, change them to your liking using the math above, and then use Texture2D.SetData() to commit the changes back to the texture.

Here's some sample code:
[code]// Create new 32x32 texture, and retrieve its data into an array
Texture2D newTexture = new Texture2D(GraphicsDevice, 32, 32);
Color[] textureData;

// Fill texture with white
for (int i = 0; i < 32; i++)
for (int j = 0; j < 32; j++)
textureData[i * newTexture.Width + j] = Color.White;

// Fill center pixel of image with Black
textureData[16 * newTexture + 16] = Color.Black;

// Commit changes to texture

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MintyAnt    102
Okay, that makes a whole lot more sense, thank you very much!

I will go ahead and use GetData in my programs now that I understand it, thanks again!

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