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Implement HLSL Glow/Blooming Effect on a sphere model in XNA

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I have a number of sphere particles where I want each sphere model to have a glow effect on it.
Now I have read several tutorials on how you implement that glow effect in a shader but the thing
is they use the original texture on a specific 3D-model and a some kind of a glow map to render
the glowing effect in the shader. But I don´t have either of that, but I only have the sphere model
in the .fbx-format. I do however visualize each particle by using BasicEffect in XNA where I enable
default lighting, disable two of three directional lights and activating ambient light and diffuse color
which renders this result:


This is appearance of the sphere particles I am satisfied so far, I now want to add a glowing effect to
each sphere particle. But without having any texture or glow map applied to it, how do I implement
Gaussian blur, which is part of the glow effect process, for instance in the HLSL shader?

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Have you seen the bloom shader sample from the XNA site?


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Yes I have seen it, but that is an example of applying Blooming effect for the whole scene in the screen,
not for a specific 3D model in the scene. They also uses textures in the whole process where I don´t
have any textures for the sphere model at all. But maybe I should create single color textures (red, green,
blue and so on) and then apply it on the sphere models. At the same time I can use those textures to
perform gaussian blur in HLSL so it eventually will produce the glowing/blooming effect as seen in that
bloom example. Will that work perhaps?

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