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Tank Hero by Clapfoot Inc

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Hi everyone,

Last summer my friend and I got together to develop a mobile game. I had already developed a game on my own, but I wanted to collaborate for my second project. We had no budget to speak of and did most of the development after hours (outside of our day job).

The result is "Tank Hero". We just released the iPhone / iPad version of the game today (Android version was released at the beginning of the year).

Its available on the App Store now: [url=""]Tank Hero[/url]

Alternatively you can try the LITE version first: [url=""]Get the LITE version[/url]

Check out our website:

Fun facts about the game:
* Written in ANSI-C (other than a thin Objective-C layer for the iPhone version and a thin Java layer for the Android version)
* All art assets were created using open source tools (Blender, GIMP, audacity)
* OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering paths
* All math is done in fixed point because the original engine was made to target old ARMv5/ARMv6 devices






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