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Help with a name

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I've been thinking of a name for my 2D RPG and I've thought of one I like. In the game you create Runes that you imbed into your armor and items that give you all of your abilities and increase your stats, without them you have literally no abilities and very low stats and you wouldn't be able to do much very easily. Because of the fact that a lot of the side stories (and in some ways the main story line) revolves around you creating and utilizing these (and stopping the creation of some particularly nasty/nice ones depending on how you like to roll) I was thinking of calling the game Runeforge. I really liked the name until I remembered where it popped into my head from. In World of Warcraft, the Death Knight class has a Runeforging ability where they basically enchant their weapons at a magic anvil (or something like that, haven't played in years so excuse my ignorance on the subject) so I'd like a name similar but different if you get what I mean. If it where from anything less commercial I wouldn't mind that much, but I'd prefer to not have everyone who reads the name think World of Warcraft.

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