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[java] Cross Platform 3D

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TheCrow33    120
I have never done 3D programming before, but a recent project as well as a game design I have are sending me on my way to 3D applications. My first take on this was to establish 3d objects by using 3d projection onto a 2d plane using matrices. This worked fine for drawing an object once, but the rotation of sed object never quite worked itself out. Then I started branching out and looking at previously established algorithms for rendering 3d objects, most of these explanations sent me for a loop making little to no sense. Anyway, down to the point, now I'm looking at graphics libraries (perhaps this is not the word I'm looking for) such as using Java's OpenGL libraries, my only hesitation is I don't foresee how this could possible work in Windows if I write the whole thing in terms of the OpenGL libraries. If I do go ahead and write the whole thing in OpenGL it's all fine and dandy for me (I won't have Winblows on any of my computers) but the end-user wouldn't know how to turn on any other OS. If I write the thing in OpenGL, is there something magical that happens when a MS user runs it that just happens to display everything?

If not, what should I be looking at? Back to developing my own libraries using an established 3d projection and 3d shading algorithms?

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Katie    2244
OpenGL works on windows. There's a different set of calls to make to establish the contexts is all.

Once you've got a context selected as "current", it's all the same as on UNIX or Mac.

If you read the OpenGL superbible it contains the startup code for all 3 platforms.

Your issues with xplatform dev work will be much more around filehandling, network code, keyhandling and testing.

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