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openAL question?

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thedodgeruk    124
in openAL, the sound and listener both have AL_VELOCITY its a float3 and says its the verlosity of the sound

im not sure what to put in here to be honest , every thing else is ok , apart form this

any one help explain this to me ?

also how do i set a distance, say i want the sound to be heard a maximum distnce from the sound and listener, were abouts do i put this .

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Tachikoma    575
The AL_VELOCITY property defines the actual velocity of the listener, and each sound source separately, not the speed of sound.

For example, if a bird moves according to some velocity vector, use that vector to update the AL_VELOCITY property in the bird's OpenAL source. The same applies for the listener, which could correspond to the camera location. Therefore, if the camera move at some speed, use that velocity vector to update the listener AL_VELOCITY.

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