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[java] Java3D rotation problems

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So I'm just learning to use Java3D (which I have heard is deprecated now?), and I'm trying to figure out how I can rotate an object without having to move it to the origin. To put this into perspective, I've created a class which is essentially a couple of TransformGroups (head, torso, right leg, left leg....) inside each of those transform groups are 3D Shapes which I have dubbed (just a polygon array that creates a simple box of a specified dimension and offset). The problem as it stands is that if I want to rotate the right arm then I create a new transform3d and act on the Transformgroup for right arm. However no matter how I try this, it moves that right arm right into the center of the torso (because the torso is centered at the origin). Is there anyway at all to rotate in place, without moving to the origin?

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