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I'm new to programming and want to give it a go. Can you guys give me names of good books to get started off with, or is it better to start off with online tutorials and if so which ones.
I want to mainly focus on Games Programming.


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Common question on these forums.

The recommended book list is under the resources tab.

Plus a search of the forums will give a long list of recommended books.

As for online tutorials I think there is one called learn C++ in 21 days.

I'm learning C# so this is all I can say.

You should also read the beginners forums stickied FAQ at the top also.

If I don't say this someone else will.


For some reason I thought this was a C++ question.

Anyway read the stickied FAQ and choose a language.

Then people can answer a specific question, rather than a "Where do I start question".

BTW this forums full of "Where do I start" questions.

So the advice will be just the same.

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I can recommend Starting out with C++ Early Objects by Tony Gaddis

Since i already knew java i skimmed trough the book and wrote down stuff that were different.
It's a really good book and teaches beginners the entier C++ language and dives into some object analasys, stacks & queues, Binary trees, Linked Lists, some Algorithm analysis and more.

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