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I need info, please

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hello, here is my first post and I wish to say hello to anyone! :)

i'm sorry for my not perfect english...

i love videogames and i like to play them when possible and sometimes like to imagine how it would be building something by myself.

i mean that some years ago i would never belive to search for a developer forum because i was too much scared about this work. beacause any gamer usually says it is very hard to do this job.

but in those recent times i have looked at the tecnologies that are becoming day after days more powerful and little device like iphones can now display nice 3D graphic: so i belive that maybe now would be a little more easy to start a video game project.

i wish to write a story (:thriller: tatda ta daaam!!), dialogues, draw comics, artworks, the places. making photos for the textures, making the animations by myself, draw the 3d models, also making some music or ask some of my musician friends to publish it in my project: in fact just in about 15 years of hard work i say, maybe, i will end with my first project for iphone and become really rich to start growing a big family! ahahah!!!

to say it in short, i wish to ask wich software and video tutorial do you think i should have to study to learn about doing everything by myself (after an english tutorial for sure)?

i'm now on:

unreal development kit udk - i have alredy not really understand exactly what to do with it. it is the body of the game project is it right?

z brush - for 3d models

endorphine - for animations

photoshop and illustrator - for drawing the story with bamboo pen

i wish to ask, are those ok? or is there something better?

what i need else? i do not know, can you tell me, please?

for textrures making what is the best tool? do I need a camera for taking pictures to do it or it is not necessary?

and for facial animations wich is the best tool? can I use a video camera to rec. facial animations from my face?

and can I use my body to make animations with something that i have to buy in some market for a cheap price?

thx a lot for your help!


i need something with 1000 of video tutorial over youtube or something else! because i'm really like him! ahahah! :)

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[... I belive i can fly i belive i can touch...]
ehm sorry I had lost...

so, no anyone can help me? pleeease? ;)

I believe you are in the wrong forum.

There's a forum sub section here for Creative Arts (Graphics Etc).

Here's a link to the stickied "Which graphics software should I use". http://www.gamedev.net/topic/202348-3d--2d-software-information-check-here/

Plus your post's title is sooo none descriptive a casual moderator would not know that your in the wrong forum.

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Try looking at the Unity game engine.
It is fairly simple to start, and they have great tutorials.
15 is an excellent age to start making games.
Have fun.

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