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Particle Effect

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I am trying to implement a particle engine. The structure layout has ParticleManager->ParticleSystem->Particle

I am able to get the entity ie the particle to be displayed. What i want to do is to have different effects just by calling different ParticleSystem like Smoke, Spark, Bubble, Snow etc by calling the
functions like
Smoke(number of particles, position, "image file",...); [/code]

The problem i am facing to get the calculation for these effects.
Like if the particle has properties like....

windspeed etc

Then how to manipulate these there any particular calculation for each of these effect like Smoke how much velocity,energy etc needs to be changed and how to be changed..etc
Similarly for other effects.

All suggestions are welcome...

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[quote name='vicer1234' timestamp='1307397702' post='4820270']
how to give particle a blast effect 2d.

eg: 10 particles and what sort of velocity should i give to make it appear as blast???

You need to analyse the effect that you're looking to accomplish and see what type of velocity/positioning etc... that it displays.

So taking your example of a blast... well, normally a blast comes from a very specific point, so the initial position of the particles will be very close to one another and to the source of the blast. Then lets look at the velocity, unless the blast is from something very specific then an explosion typically has not specific direction and instead just spread out in all directions, so you should distribute your particles velocity over a unit circle.

Have a look at this for example; [url=""]blast effect[/url]

With particles (and most simulation) you need to study your target, figure out its general properties and then try to match these.

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