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Glowing boxes Tutorial Needed (2D)

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If you check out my signature blog you will see a screenshot of a wargame I am working on.

While the art is chincy right now (I'm trying to get it to work right now and then make it pretty later), I have run into a tough spot that I cannot find a decent tutorial on.

Basically I have models on a simulated game table surface. The models are all rectangular. When I select a model or group of models through dragging, I want them to be surrounded by a glowing blue border to indicate that they are active or selected.

Right now I can surround them with a blue line but I do not know how to make it glow. (essentially what I do to surround them with a blue line is to draw four rectangles that are 2 pixels wide to create the box effect, in effect creating four lines that I join together to form the blue rectangle border) This game, by the way, is entirely 2D.

Where is a good launch point to getting these blue lines to glow? I feel that there is some blooming in order. Is that it? I'm not much of a graphics wizard unfortunately, I am mostly a logic programmer, so some of these terms, while I know them, I cannot apply them fully.

The image below is a screen. The purple boxes represent three "models' that I am using to represent swordsmen. When I click on one or drag a box around all I want them to be surrounded by a glowing blue box to indicate that they are selected.


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Thanks for the reply... let me see if I can piece that together lol:

So go into photoshop (or wherever), draw a 2 pixel blue line over black backdrop, apply blur to it... save it... apply it to the rectangle's textures....

I'm not sure what additive blending is at this point though?

Edit: Google-fu is good. I'll need to find a good tutorial on that one. Reiners has a good page but doesn't flow as well as I'd like.

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