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Looking for good & retro-lovin' content writers + more

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I'm Will.

Me and my friends are making a text-based game for Skype called Feral. Read below.

[size="85"]Feral, a Massive Multiplayer Online game where you interact with monsters and other players alike through Skype, and ultimately through the internet. You write to a user on Skype who acts as a "Bot" or server, and he will respond to anything you tell him as he's been programmed to. Feral is basically a text-based game much like Zork, where you simply type your commands to the game, and the game will respond back to you the consequences of what you just did. Below is an example of what could happen while playing this game:

You: look
Bot: You are in a peaceful forest. There seems to be a path opening up to the north. You notice an axe lying on the ground.
You: pickup axe
Bot: You pick up an Axe. It seems to be in good shape.
You: travel north
(Bot: You begin to travel north. You will arrive to your destination in 15 seconds.)
Bot: You have finished travelling north. You are in a dark forest, you can hear some unsettling sounds.
You: search
Bot: After extensive searching, you found a food ration and 12 gold.
You: pickup 12 gold, food ration
Bot: You pick up 12 gold and a food ration.
Bot: You hear the sounds of someone nearby.
You: look
Bot: You are in a dark forest, a human called Coolguy123 is here.
You: say hey, who are you?
Bot: You say "hey, who are you?"
Bot: Coolguy123 shouts "Die!"
You: wield axe
Bot: You are now wielding an axe.
Bot: Coolguy123 attacks you with his hammer for 23 damage. (85hp left)
You: attack Coolguy123
Bot: You attack Coolguy123 with your axe for 32 damage. Coolguy seems to be in critical condition.
You: attack Coolguy123
Bot: You don't have enough stamina, please wait 3 seconds.
Bot: Coolguy123 attacks you with his hammer for 34 damage. (51hp left)
You: spell fireblast Coolguy123
Bot: You cast Fireblast on Coolguy123 for 56 damage. Coolguy123 died!
You: loot Coolguy123
Bot: You find 59 gold, a hammer, a torn shirt, a pair of leather boots and a helmet.
You: pickup gold
Bot: You pick up 59 gold.
You: Use tent
Bot: You are unpacking your tent. This will take 10 seconds.
Bot: Your tent has been unpacked and your location is now hidden.
You: hp
Bot: HP: 51/108

Our aim with Feral is to give the user an immense non-linear world, where you as a player are free to join quests, hunt for monsters in wild areas, meet interesting people, and most of all explore the great world you and everyone else have embarked in.

A couple of things that would summarize Feral well aside from it being a text-based MMO played through Skype:

* Experience Levels
* Skills / Spells
* Abilities (talk, search, listen, abilities also based on your surrounding areas attributes)
* Immense amount of weapons, armors, accesories..
* Intelligent NPC's that can be both hostile and friendly towards you. Think "Elder scrolls".
* Steep learning curve rewarded by excellent gameplay. And by steep I don't mean "difficult to get levels".

That's pretty much what there is to it. What we hope for you to understand is that the game is still in very early developement. It's incredibly difficult for me to describe the game in overall as there's going to be a lot added to it, but hopefully this will spark some imagination in yourself.



* Forum Moderator
Someone who can manage the crap posted on the upcoming forum and if necessary, create new stickies with the information provided in regular threads. Also ban bad people obviously.

* Scenario Writers / Creative people
We need creative people who stop at nothing. People who can just pump out massive lists of weapons, armors, items, areas, monsters, races, classes, skills, abilities and so forth. We NEED you, because this is the last thing that I as a coder want to occupy my precious time with. These people will naturally become testers as well in order to see things for themselves.

* Testers
We need testers. Testers gain access to a private forum on our website (it looks great, but its not finished yet so I won't show ya), where they can discuss bugs, suggestions and have a general chat of what you think about the game. Note that testers may also provide valuable opinions on the game such as suggesting items, but the most important part is for testers to reflect whether items need rebalancing.

* LEAD Testers
We need people who are willing to take care of our testers, make public announcements for testers, recruit new testers, and keep it all going without developers having to worry about his releases going untested. Lead testers will naturally keep a VERY close connection with the Developers (mainly me) in order to inform all the normal testers of what's going on without Developers having to care all that much about announcing every single detail.

* Coders
Uh oh, not right now! I want to keep things between me and my closest project member for now.. Simply to avoid confusion and risk of the project being drawn in the wrong direction.

[size="150"]That's all folks.

My Skype is morphboy, and gnutrophy@gmail.com is my e-mail if you'd rather prefer that. If you feel intrigued by text-based systems and writing stuff / coming up with ideas, get in touch.

I won't punish you for adding without being super-interested and I would love to discuss the project with you, but once you're in I want us to reach an understanding of how much you can contribute in order to not leave us hanging.

Edit: As noone (including myself) have the aim to make money off of this, we cannot give you some sort of salary or compensation for joining our team. We are merely hoping that there are some talented people out there who want to shape the game that the developers make by giving us content to put into the game, providing feedback or anything else to help create an amazing experience for text-based gamers.

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