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[DX9] the memory leak that isn't a leak

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I have a small memory leak in my game, as reported by PIX and D3DX. It's a single, small vertex buffer of data, but here's the thing - it gets released.

I have tracked this variable from start to finish, and it only ever has 4 things happen:

the buffer gets created
it gets locked
it gets unlocked
it gets released

There's only ever one pointer to the buffer and that gets released. Yet D3DX and PIX are reporting it as a leak.

I'm completely stumped here - I have no idea why it would not be released. Debug runtimes don't give any errors or warnings during creation/destruction of the buffer, and it's definitely unlocked with only one reference to it at release time.

Anyone have anything similar happen to them before? Or maybe you have some ideas to try out?

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