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How do I create a correct scale matrix for a cone model as a spot light?

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I have a spot light that I wish to render by using a cone model (height 1.0 by diameter 1.0). The model (in world space) should fill the bounding frustum created from the light's view and projection matrices.

In the picture below, the model is shown in green and the light's frustum is drawn as a wire frame in white.


I am creating the world matrix for the model as follows:


// Invert light's view matrix to get its world matrix
Matrix worldMatrix = Matrix.Invert(View);

// Scale the world matrix
//float tan = (float)Math.Atan(angle);
float tan = (float)Math.Tan(angle);
Matrix lightMatrix = Matrix.CreateScale(100f * tan, 100f, 100f * tan) * worldMatrix; // 100f = Light Range

The scale matrix is incorrect but the world matrix follows the frustum as it moves around. Where have I gone wrong in creating the scaling matrix?

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