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SFML pointers

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Sorry if this is a dumb question.
Hello, I recently started development in SFML and I would like to know whether the code I wrote (attached) is perfectly fine.
Basically, I seperated my little app into functions and I use a pointer to my RenderWindow in each function. Is it ok to use such pointers, or should I call the RenderWindows methods using some other way (eg. global non-pointer, argument, etc...)?

Thanks in advance,
David D.

[attachment=2916:main - Copy.cpp.txt]

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Consider passing the RenderWindow by reference to the functions that requirement. Try to avoid using globals.

Your signature is incredibly big. See if you can condense it, e.g. strip out the quote tags:
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Something like that.

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Thanks for the ultra-fast reply!!! [img][/img]Oh, about the siggy,..... sure! [img][/img]

-David D.

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