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javascript: loading in external js file problem

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In my index.html, I use the regular script tag to load in .js files.

The problem I guess is that one js file is not seeing a the constructor for another object which is located is another js file. For example :

f = function(){ var o = new Bar(...); }
var Bar = { name: "Bar" };
<script /* load in bar.js */ >
<script /* load in foo.js */ >

The error says that Bar is not a constructor?

I am unsure on how to solve this problem, because I haven't used js much. Any advice? Also foo and bar is just an example but the actual
files are much more longer and there are more than 2

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Sorry that was a typo, in the actual code it is defined as the constructor. Anyways I fixed the problem. The problem was that the files weren't getting loaded completely. So I had to put the link tag at the bottom of the file for it to do proper linking and loading.

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