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Diplomatic Game project

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[color=#444444][font=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif][size=2]Hi , i was born in 1980 in France , i enjoy games like sid meier's civilization ( i played with the first when i was ten years old ), but i am still waiting for the perfect game .
I would like to work with a motivate team , to build an AI engine for diplomatic and strategic game , wich could work with future Mods , to finally give funny game , easy to play , but hard to master...

The heart of the game i want to play with , is to become a president , king , or dictator , and to have plenty of diplomatic ways , spy net , and military options , different economics possibilities .
Multiplayers on line would be a good thing of course , but it is interessant to have AI challengers when your friends are working or sleeping...and it ' s interessant also to find how the computer can solve complex situations .

the engine i'd like to see , should work with modern time , future , or even heroic fantasy mod .
several differant teams could bring a piece of the puzzle , to give alternative versions or functions , in order tu fix or improve easily and fast the engine .

so , i'd like this site to become a meeting place where different skills may give birth to a nice and free game .

discover more here :


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