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Building Hype

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What is the best way to build hype for a game? I am an artist so my skills will have to be limited to the arts as opposed to programming.
Anywho, I have a tailer: but besides investing in add space would anyone have any creative ideas?

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I'm learning this all myself so I'm no expert but:

Start early (long before game is finished) creating a buzz!!

Doing press releases can help.

Getting review sites to review your game.

Being active (and liked) on as many forums as possible is a very good thing.

Putting something in your game that allows people to follow you on twitter or post on facebook.

Also creating a facebook landing page is very good.

Here is a forum that's mainly for iPhone but may have some good info there:

[url=""]Promoting techniques[/url]

A video series that is a must for anyone I think despite that it's geared towards iPhone is:

[url=""]MoMo Chicago Video Series[/url]

I have no association with any of these, btw ...

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