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20 royalty-free sound effect from

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Here is the full story I just posted as a news item:

When up against a deadline have you ever yelled out “Who has that shotgun blast clip!?” or frantically wondered “Where I can find the sound of a lightning strike in the next 30 seconds?” If the answer is yes, then there’s a good chance you were in need of – the world’s largest membership-based sound effects and music loops library. For years now, Soundsnap has been helping game developers out of sound-sourcing binds by providing access to a robust catalog of 130,000+ royalty-free sounds. You search, you preview, you buy. That’s how it works… well, most of the time.

Today, Soundsnap has decided to shake that up a bit, and offer readers 20 of their professionally-produced sound effects for free. All you have to do is email [email=""][color=#0000CC][/color][/email], and they will send you some info on how you can take home whatever 20 sounds work best for you. And since these are royalty-free tracks, you can use them for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, no questions asked. Here’s to one less headache.

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[quote name='ryan20fun' timestamp='1308070943' post='4823270']
Thanks for posting that.
just one proble, i emailed them and they have not responed yet.
i emailed them when you posted it or same day.
any idea on what is going on or did i miss it ?
:) :) :)

I got my reply about 24 hours later, if this helps

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