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Heightmap Brush Set for Photoshop

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I'm curious as to whether anyone's seen something like this? I've found a couple sets for mountains (I think it had maybe ten brushes in it), but that's really about it. Basically what I'm thinking is a way to fairly easily create a heightmap using Photoshop to use as a base, and then do some touching up using the engine's terrain tools. Primarily because most procedural generators aren't very controllable (typically you can't carve out a mountain range specifically where you want it, and in the few I've seen that do offer more control, the maps can't be very big), and it takes a long, long time to carve out large landscapes by hand.

Anyway, I've been thinking about putting a set together (as I want it, mostly) using some digital elevation data, and then turning those into brushes. But I'm looking to see if there's another set around, but as I haven't really found one I figured I'd ask about it.

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