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Assimp : cant' access to texCoords and faces

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I'm trying to use assimp to load some models in my project. I have succesfully installed it, I am able to load some models but I have a problem to get access to two types of data : the texCoords and the indices of faces that form a mesh. When I try to retrieve those informations, my program crash due to segmentation fault. But for all the other things (vertex position, normals, colors, ...) I can get the information without any problem. I don't understand why this is happenning.

I have read the doc, looked at the samples provided with the library and to others codes I found, I think I'm doing the same but doesn't work for me with these two cases.

Here's the lines :

bool Modele::loadGlresources(const aiScene *scene)
for(unsigned int i = 0; i < scene->mNumMeshes; i++)
aiMesh* mesh = scene->mMeshes;

//temp array to store data
info_vertex *attributes = (info_vertex *)malloc(mesh->mNumVertices * sizeof(info_vertex));

for(unsigned int j = 0; j < mesh->mNumVertices; j++)
//get the position, normal, .... without problems

//here's how I do for position :
attributes[j].position.x = mesh->mVertices[j].x;
attributes[j].position.y = mesh->mVertices[j].y;
attributes[j].position.z = mesh->mVertices[j].z;
attributes[j].position.w = 1.0f;

//but here's my problem :
attributes[j].texCoord.x = mesh->mTextureCoords[0][j].x;
attributes[j].texCoord.y = mesh->mTextureCoords[0][j].y;

//and the problem with the faces :
//again temp array
element *indices = (element *)malloc(mesh->mNumFaces * 3 * sizeof(element));

if(!mesh->HasFaces()) //add that to check where the error is, but still pass the test and crash.....
return false;

unsigned int count = 0;
for(unsigned int j = 0; j < mesh->mNumFaces; j++)
indices[count].element = mesh->mFaces[j].mIndices[0];
indices[count + 1].element = mesh->mFaces[j].mIndices[1];
indices[count + 2].element = mesh->mFaces[j].mIndices[2];
count += 3;
return true;

I've trying for hours now to make this work, but nothing works. So if someone has an idea of what I'm doing wrong, I'd be very grateful.

Sorry for my english.

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It works now without changing a single letter of my code. The problem was that I that I get the library from svn. With the latest stable version it works. :)

I have been playing with my code for the day before looking into that...

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