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Lesson 43: How texture is rendered

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Sh@dow    105
In Lesson 43 to render a texture from free type font we are saying:

glTexCoord2d(0,0); glVertex2d(0,bitmap.rows);
glTexCoord2d(0,y); glVertex2d(0,0);

glTexCoord2d(x,y); glVertex2d(bitmap.width,0);
glTexCoord2d(x,0); glVertex2d(bitmap.width,bitmap.rows);

I can't understand what does this code do? We are drawing here two quads: first has all x = 0; What does this supposed to mean?

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lc_overlord    436
no it's only one quad, if your doing texturing you need at least two sets of coordinates for each vertex, the first set given by glTexCoord2d signifies where on the texture you should read from and the second given by glVertex2d is the position on the screen, it's all really simple once you get a hang of it.

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