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Simple Physics Game Client Hack Prevention

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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of developing a Physics Puzzle game which has a LEADER BOARD system.

What I want to know is how can I prevent the client from sending the server fake scores ?

One of solutions I got was to just transfer the 'co-ordinates' and 'force' with which a Ball was launched and then simulate the result on the server side.
This leads to a lot of new questions :

Since the Time Step will not be same on the client and the server will I get the same solution ? (or is there a way to have the same Time Step ?)

And the biggest question is how do we implement such a thing .. I mean to take the co-ordinates from the user and run the game again on my server with the given co-ordinates ? (If 100 users are playing at a time then 100 copies of the game are running on my server ?)

I am all lost .. Please help me ..

Thanks a lot :)

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I suggest you read [url=""][/url]
Will answer a lot of your questions

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[quote name='HappyBirthday' timestamp='1308831052' post='4826739']
but how do we Implement this kind of transfer of information from the Client to the Server and vice-verse ?

Either by using raw sockets (socket(), connect(), bind(), listen(), accept(), recv(), send(), select()) or by using a library suitable for your environment.
The FAQ has a list of various libraries.

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