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Java Can't read non-CR lines from inputstream

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I'm using Ganymed to establish an SSH telnet session. I am able to read the information
coming from the telnet session as long as there is a carriage return.

I can send 'whoami' and read the response since it has a carriage return.

However, when I send 'passwd' the response does not contain a carriage return and I cannot read it.
I also can't read the ' it uses as a prompt for my input as it also doesn't have a carriage return.
What can I do to get all the bytes and not just those which end with a carriage return?

As a side issue, what's the point of .available()? It seems to always return 0 even though there
is stuff to be read. I've read "The available method for class InputStream always returns 0." so what's the point?

Below is what I am using to read the stream.


[code]InputStream m_input = new StreamGobbler(m_session.getStdout());
InputStream m_error = new StreamGobbler(m_session.getStderr());
String m_inputText = "";

byte[] buff = new byte[4096];

if (m_input.available() > -1)
int len =;
if (len == -1)
m_inputText += new String(buff, 0, len);
catch (Exception e)
} [/code]

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