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Get world camera matrix from view camera matrix

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vecchia    103
I need to pick up an object with the mouse, how can I get the camera world matrix from the view camera matrix to use it in this code?

[code]D3DXMatrixInverse(&matrixInverse, NULL, &(worldMatrix * viewMatrix));

rayDirection.x = xAngle * matrixInverse._11 + yAngle * matrixInverse._21 + zAngle * matrixInverse._31;
rayDirection.y = xAngle * matrixInverse._12 + yAngle * matrixInverse._22 + zAngle * matrixInverse._32;
rayDirection.z = xAngle * matrixInverse._13 + yAngle * matrixInverse._23 + zAngle * matrixInverse._33;

rayOrigin.x = matrixInverse._41;
rayOrigin.y = matrixInverse._42;
rayOrigin.z = matrixInverse._43;[/code]

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Evil Steve    2017
The world and view matrices are completely unrelated, there's no way to derive one from the other. It's like saying you need a 2D coordinate and you have the X coordinate and asking how to get the Y coordinate.

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