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How to send player position, health, stats in a packet ?

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FantasyVI    105
hello everyone

i have been working on a top down 2d shooter using c++ and SFML and its almost finished and all is left is to implement network to the game, so i decided to use WinSock 2 to do the networking.
now i have been able to make a server and a client successfully where the server sends a message and the client receive it, but i don't know how to send the player stats and movement and enemy's and all that.
from what i understood from my research and the network FAQ that all these data are sent by packets but i really don't know how to make the structure, so i was hoping someone would give me an example or a simple code ?
so can you guys help please, keep in mind this is my first time to make a network based game.

thank you all

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rip-off    10976
Question #12 in the [url=""]Forum FAQ[/url] should help, in particular the links to how some FPS games did this.

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