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Face Specifics

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Hey everyone!
does anyone at all know how I can calculate the width of a face so I am able to get the TL, TR, BL BR (Top Left, Bottom Left etc) values correctly.

I am able to draw all the verticies perfectly well and am able to view them in blender and a game engine being written, the thing is I need to be able to calculate the texture coordinates to allow for shift, stretch etc, to do this I need to get the above values and perform a calculation on them and I am unsure how to obtain these values when some of the faces have more than or less than 4 verticies.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you are looking for the width between two points, its as simple as find the distance between the two points (dX= TR.x - TL.x, dY= TR.y - TL.y ), then distance can be calculated by taking the square root of

distance = squareroot(dX[size="4"]² + [size="2"]dY[/size][size="4"]²)

[/size][/size][size="2"]Of course, if you just want the distance along a single axis between two points, it's just a matter of point2.x - point1.x == width

Truth of the matter is, I don't think this is what you are looking for, what you want is UV coordinates.

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I was under the impression that if I am able to calculate the following sum:

'256 / 64 * 0.25'

256 = texture width
64 = face width
0.25 = the stretch

then the total is == 1

which is the kind of coordinates I was expecting? is this not correct?

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