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MMORPG music

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Maybe not so much as in the composition of the song per se. It's more about how the music fits into the unique style of MMO gaming.

when some people grind for 12+ hours everyday, and they have to listen to the same track repeatedly. Eventually the music becomes boring.
Or if people want to use ventrilo and talk to their raiding team, they usually turn off the music.
Just to name a couple of examples.

I was just wondering if developers are taking any steps to try and counter these problems.

I found out in my research in December that people are much more likely to completely turn off the music in MMOs compared to most [i]other[/i] games. Also certain words such as "boring" and "repetitive" kept appearing constantly in the questionnaire, and some people describing MMO music as "bad generally" which I believe to be a reflection of it being repetitive and becoming stale.

However, there was a MMO, apart from it having "good" music, people also complimented how well they had implemented the music into the game and really enjoyed this particular feature of the game, again, I want to see if developers realize this and whether they have any similar strategy in regards to implementing the music.

I hope this makes it more clear for you :)

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Yes, some MMOs do have good music. I appreciate that, and I also appreciate that I am generalizing for all MMOs, some are going to be better then others, and that you are more then happy to listen to the music for whatever reason, but people have different tastes in music and i can almost guarantee, there are people who won't want to listen to that music because they don't like it, or it becomes boring or for whatever reason. I understand this is an ongoing problem for all genres of gaming, however, this is a more noticeable problem in MMORPGs as backed up by my prior research.

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