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indie(radio); and indie(magazine)

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[center][b][size="7"][font="Courier New"]indie([color="#FF831A"]Function[/color]);[/font][/size][/b][/center]
[center][size="1"][font="Arial Black"]Indie Game Development Media + Education[/font][/size][/center]

LISTEN IN HERE: [url=""][/url]

[indent]Latest Broadcast [5]:
[indent]Latest Magazine [5]:[/indent]
[indent][indent][url=""]HD Version [4.5 MB][/url] (High Definition, better graphics, although bigger file size.)
[url=""]SD Version [1.2 MB][/url] (Standard Defintion, worse graphics, but smaller file size.)[/indent][/indent]

[indent][b][font="Courier New"]indie([color="#FF831A"]Function[/color]);[/font][/b] is a new indie game development media and education "company" consisting of a radio show, magazine, and soon to come, an educational book series. Lead by myself, Bret Hudson, we plan on becoming a big source of news for the indie game development community. We are not just limited to GameMaker; we cover indie game development in general.[/indent]

[indent]So far, we've had five radio shows. The official name for our show is [b][font="Courier New"]indie([color="#FE0001"]Radio[/color]);[/font][/b]. It's a weekly radio show, that is broadcasted at noon on Saturdays. Below are links to all the broadcasts.[/indent]

[indent][indent][url=""]Broadcast 5 - 26:36 - 12 Live Listeners - July 9th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Broadcast 4 - 27:06 - N/A Live Listeners - July 2nd, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Broadcast 3 - 51:59 - 25 Live Listeners - June 25th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Broadcast 2 - 22:29 - 53 Live Listeners - June 18th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Broadcast 1 - 30:42 - 21 Live Listeners - June 11th, 2011[/url][/indent][/indent]

[indent]We also have a magazine, called [b][font="Courier New"]indie([color="#6FFF00"]Magazine[/color]);[/font][/b]. The fifth issue was just released, which features an interview with Noel Berry, an extensive tutorial about making a Space Invaders game in FlashPunk, and of course some game reviews.[/indent]
[indent][indent][url=""]Issue 5 - HD Version [4.5 MB] - SD Version [1.2 MB] - July 10th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Issue 4 - HD Version [4.1 MB] - SD Version [1.9 MB] - July 4th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Issue 3 - HD Version [2.6 MB] - SD Version [1.0 MB] - June 26th, 2011[/url]
[url=""]Issue 2 - HD Version [2.3 MB] - SD Version [1.0 MB][/url]
[url=""]Issue 1 - HD Version [4.8 MB] - SD Version [2.1 MB][/url]

[indent]Just released a VERY early preview of our first book, part of the [b][font="Courier New"]indie([color="#993CF3"]Books[/color]);[/font][/b] series, mainly to show everyone we're working on it! [url=""][/url][/indent]

[indent]We hope you enjoy indie(Function);, and check in with us often![/indent]

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Indie(Function) #6 is here:

Indie(Radio) Episide #6 :

Indie(Magazine)Issue #6 :

Sorry for the late update. It came out last weekend.

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