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My First 3D Game: The Arena Of Che'Sheda

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Stumbling across the old mineral processing warehouse while trying to escape the ruins of New Queensland yields an unexpected and unwelcome realization: It's not a warehouse anymore. It's an arena.

"Welcome to the arena of Emperor Che'Sheda." It's a booming voice you hear as you awake from the dream gas that even your gasmask couldn't withstand.

Ugh. Government equipment.

"While I am sure you didn't expect to find us, we certainly welcome you." The unseen speaker is using English at least. And you know the name: Che'Sheda. He's a disgraced warlord from Singapore. He was thought to be dead.

Ugh. Government intelligence.

"Fortunately, we have no wish to kill you. But we would like you to prove your worth." That doesn't sound good. "Please face our enemies in this warehouse-turned-arena. We will be entertained."

Okay. So maybe you just fight a few wimps and they let you go. Simple enough.

"Please keep in mind that all of your enemies will fight to the death. Rest assured, whether you survive or die, we will be entertained."



It's my first 3D game, which may be painfully obvious! tongue.png

To play the game, click here.

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