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Career dilemma

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I have a career dilemma to solve and I hope to get some advice and helpful comments about my situation. First of all, I should say that I am really lucky since my problem is to choose between two really good options.

I am currently doing an internship in order to graduate a 5-year degree in Engineering in France. I did not really search for a job after my internship, but few headhunters came to me with different job offers, probably because I posted my resume to several website when I was looking for an internship.

After different interviews and so on... I came up with different definitive job offers. I already refused some of them since I was not interested in (a position as Junior 2D programmer at Gameloft Seoul with a really poor wage ...). I have now to choose between two options :
[list][*]A position as project coordinator at LG in Seoul for the car business department. Globally, my job would be to manage the relation between the team of R&D engineer and French car manufacturer. Really nice and interesting with a fairly decent salary. But nothing to do with the game industry.[*]A position as project coordinator at Ubisoft in Sweden on a very exciting project. (I am sorry I cannot say which one ...).[/list]

I want to work in the game industry, but I would like to work in the management, not as programmer, because I do not think that I want to do programming during all the day for several years, it turns out that it just a kind of hobby for me.

For personal reason, although I am probably missing a good opportunity, I would prefer to go to work in Seoul for LG. But later, I would like to move to the game industry. So my question is: [b]do you think it is difficult to break into the game industry after previous experience in unrelated fields?[/b]
Thank you,

PS: Feel free to say anything else about this choice and what you would do in such of situation, I am sure that could be helpful for me.

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Cotysaxman    102
As Tom would FAQ 70: how to make a decision. is the site. Good luck with your future job, and I'm sorry that I don't have any personal experience from which to give you advice.

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mumbo    131
I might be missing something but if the position is a project coordinator at both places and you want to work in the game industry then I don't see why you wouldnt pick the position in the game industry.

About your question I don't think it would be that difficult to break in with experience in a different field. As long as you are able to show that the skills you have can translate to the game industry it shouldn't be a problem. The only issue I could really see is that since you want to go into management most positions I see for producers want shipped titles when they go to hire an experienced manager.

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