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Character customization / Morphing

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Dear forum members,

I am trying to create 3d game assets for a future character customization inside the game engine. I have some general questions regarding the workflow of development.
I would appreciate any advice and help.

1. How did you achieve dynamic morphing inside the engine? Through skeletal morphing , vertex morphing (moving each vertex to a new preset location), combination of both, or creation of custom deformers ?

2. Is the head morphs separated from the body morphs? If yes, then is the facial morphing, just a replacement of the default character head, with preset head targets? Do u ever use just replacement of default character, with preset morphed models stored in engines library, rather than doing dynamic morphing on fly inside engine?

3. How I can apply the same skinning weights (influence from skeleton joints to vertex) to the morphed custom models inside the engine? Do I have to store somehow the skinning weight information’s from the default character and after morphing to "call" them back and apply them on the new character?

4. How can I succeed morphing in height inside the engine? Skeleton resizing?

5. Are the clothes sets treated as separated characters, made with same Universal skeleton system as the Character, and "sitting" on top of the character? Or when you are importing your main default characters all possibilities of head-body morphs and clothes-set are been binded on the same and only one skeleton system, and just been hidden, until user select an option? (example: user is selecting a preset jacket , then the jacket appears on top of the character's skin, but really was always stored there, just without been called and rendered)

6. If morphing of the default character happens on fly inside the game engine, then how morphing occurs for the clothes-set which the user will select? With other words if user creates by dynamic vertex morphing an obese character, and leter he selects a jacket, then how the jacket morphs to an obese jacket so it can fit to the morphed character? Is a way been set inside the engine to calculate morphing of default character and change accordingly the morpining to all props (clothes, hats. glasses etch) so they can fit to the new morphed character?

thank you very much!

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