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Virus Mayhem

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[b]Project Name:[/b] Virus Mayhem

[b]Status: OUT NOW![/b]

[b]Creator [/b] Spikeprojects

[b]Description of Project:[/b][list][*]Virus Mayhem is a simple arcade game where player eliminates Viruses and Trojans invading computer. Click on the viruses to prevent from fatal errors.[*]This is a project that can be described as a fanwork or noncommercial. It uses graphics, photographs from different sources (games, websites, etc.) which are owned by their authors and publishers.[/list][b]
Genre:[/b] Arcade

[b]Project website:[/b] [url=""][/url]

Fullscreen link:
[url=""] Virus Mayhem[/url]

[b]Screenshots:[/b] [IMG][/IMG]


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