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Generating lightmap for my custom map format

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Hello people, I plan to use lightmap to light the map. Currently there's only tile based terrain with buildings and props on it. I want to give it a "deeper" look, by applying lightmap to the terrain. But then, what if I switch to indoor map, where floors (heightmap based) and walls (put on the floors). How to apply the lightmap? should I apply it on the floors only, or both. But then, how should I apply the lightmap to the walls, since they're just some independent objects put on the floor. I think I need to see how the map in Ragnarok is illuminated. But until then, can you give a tips or two?

Anyway, should I generate the lightmap myself and save the generated lightmap to a file?is there any 3rd party program to do this?anyway, Im not sure. Since I'm using my own map format.

Bow Vernon

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