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PhysX Raycast filtering

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I'm having some problems filtering my raycasts. I am using the "SampleRaycast" example that comes with the PhysX SDK, and I am trying to get the horizontal raycast to ignore the terrain. What I've done is set the shape group to the terrain to 1 inside the "InitTerrain()" function like so:

NxActorDesc ActorDesc;
ActorDesc.shapes[0]->group = 1;
gScene->createActor(ActorDesc)->userData = (void*)0;

And I've set my raycast to group 2 like so: (RaycastAllShapes())

gScene->raycastAllShapes(worldRay, gMyReport, NX_ALL_SHAPES, 2);

Now I've been able to filter the cubes to pass right through the terrain, but I am having problems with the raycast and the terrain. Any ideas?


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