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Vertex from WorldView to World

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I have some vertex transformed in WorldView coordinates space.

Is there way to get this vertex in World only space?

I tried multiply this vertex by inverted View matrix, but it seems it is not working.

Thanks for advice.

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Unfortunately I'm at home now and can't show you the code. I will try describe the situation.

I make shadow map texture where i render 3d objects in World-LightView-LightProjection space. Then i generate G-Buffer (i use deffered shading technique). In G-Buffer i render 3D objects in World-CameraView space. And in the last step for shadow visualization i want sample position from G-Buffer which is in World-CameraView space, convert it to World-LightView-LightProjection space for father calculation.

Maybe my approach is not correct at whole? Is it good solution to generate position for G-Buffer in World space only or i will meet some problems in future if i will do?

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