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Disable individual HAL caps?

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I would like to turn off individual HAL caps for DirectDraw

The description of ddcaps.exe that ships with the dx7sdk seems to suggest it is possible.

It should be possible because if HAL doesn't support something then it falls through to HEL...

I'm trying to save some old ddraw games from some of the newer graphic cards
If I just go with all HEL then vsync doesn't work

I've tried creating two DirectDraw objects ( one using HAL and one using HEL ) but they seem to conflict with each other.

Any help appreciated.

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It looks like I'd have to hack into ddraw.dll to disable individual hal caps
Which is not something I'd want to do.

With DDraw using HEL, I can get vsync to work on Vista/7 by using D3DKMTWaitForVerticalBlankEvent (exported from GDI.dll)
Which works out well enough because it is mostly Win6+ users that have problems.

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