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Corel Draw X5

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Hello! I am interested in purchasing a vector graphics software package. I intend to use this software to produce sprites and images for games as well as for basic web graphics on the side. I've tried Corel Draw X5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Fireworks CS5, Xara Designer 7 and Inkscape. After trying all of these, I believe that Corel Draw X5 best suits my needs. I know that Illustrator is the industry standard but I'm not going in to the design industry. My work will be for a small business venture of mine and some web projects for myself and a friend. The price point of Corel Draw X5 on right now is significantly less than Illustrator and I can't find any features that I fell makes Illustrator worth the extra cost.

So, my question is this: am I wrong? Is Corel Draw X5 a bad choice for making sprites and web graphics? If there happens to be someone around here who has experience with both, I'd really like to hear your thoughts. I've spent the last couple of days going through program trials and I feel very strongly about my choice, but I don't want to make a bad investment if there is something I've overlooked. Thank you! :)

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